EnergyTensegrity in Prague

Micha Lindner CST-RAB

“Micha has shown me his professionality. After one treatment my neck is like a new one, flexible and pliable. I am looking forward to further ones. Very much recommend him to all of you.”

Anna Hojná, Prague


”Micha managed to cure my recurring headache (migraine). I came in with a terrible headache and went out again without any. Now it is very rare that I have a headache and never to the same extent. I only can recommend to try a treatment.”
(Translatet from Danish)

Karin Rasmussen, Copenhagen

“Micha works wonders. Some happen quick – others take longer. My daughter of 8 years old suffered from daily anxiety attacks. It took one (1) treatment from Micha to free her from the haunting attacks we as parents dreaded every day and a couple more to stabilize this wonderful shift. My son of 14 had claustrophobia. Same process. Gone. Myself, I have more complex issues, nothing too severe but the treatments are a bliss and help me grow as a person. Can only recommend Micha.”

Jan Krogh Henningesen, Copenhagen


“Micha performs time and again to relieve infirmities (eg migraines, sciatica). Best of all, after getting a few treatments from Micha, I got rid of recurrent hold in the neck (which typically was staying for 1 to 2 months) and I don’t feel any wear in my neck anymore, which I had been bothered by for several years. I highly recommend Micha.”
(Translated from Danish)

Mette Rahlff, Copenhagen