EnergyTensegrity in Prague

Micha Lindner CST-RAB

Organ massage as I practice it, is a special development from Danmark, which has ”translated” treatments and techniques – mainly from Visceral Osteopathy, but other traditions too – into similair gentle techniques as used in Cranio Sacral Therapy.

Re-ocurring physical troubles as tensions and pains in shoulder and back have often their origin in unbalances in the organ system or parts of it. That’s why ”normal” massage often only has a short term effect on those. Furthermore those unbalances often are responsible for a wide range of other symptoms or challenges, which mostly are summarised as psychosomatic troubles.

Every organ has a specific physiologiocal functional task in the body, and beside this it is a container for specific unsolved emotional issues. Unsolved emotional troubles litteraly get stored and hidden away in the organs and when this ”organ container” is filled up – and we don’t react – we develope notable physical troubles as tensions and pains. But already long before that we notice signs of i.e. emotional unbalance, like sudden anger or fear, changing moods and more, without a visible or logical reason. We all know this kind of ”enough is enough” feeling and wonder why it came up in just this – seemingly harmless – situation. It is our organs which tell us, now it is enough, we can’t hold anymore. And they don’t know anything about weather a situation really is serious, or just ”a little thing”. They just ”shout” Enough!

To be continued…