EnergyTensegrity in Prague

Micha Lindner CST-RAB

About me…

A short list of my relevant educations/trainings:

2016 – 2017, OneLife Personal Training, OneLife/Michael Barnett, Freiburg, Germany

2014 -2016, “X-RUN”, Advanced Course in Meditation and Energy Work, OneLife/Michael Barnett, Germany

2012 – 2014, Organ Massage, Stanley Rosenberg Institute / Fulcrum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 – 2013, Training and Certification as Craniosacral Therapist (SRI-RAB), Stanley Rosenberg Institute (now closed), Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 – 2006, “DEMA – Dynamic Energy Moving Around”, Advanced Course in Meditation and Energy Work, OneLife/Michael Barnett, Germany

2002 – 2007, Training and Certification as Body-Mind-Dynamic Psychotherapist, Eigil Asanta, Copenhagen/Djursland, Denmark

1989 – 1993, Bachelor in Medicine, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

1986 – 1989, Military Service as Paramedical Sergeant, National Peoples Army (NVA), East Germany


Other Courses / Shorter Trainings: 

2015, “Biodynamic Cranial Touch / Stillness Touch Initiatory Course”, Giorgia Milne (USA), Copenhagen, Denmark 

2013, Training in “Reconstructive” (Shamanistic orientated approach to Family Constellation), Carola Castillo (Venezuela), Gothenburg, Sweden

2012, “Biomechanical and Energetic Tensegrity”, Stanley Rosenberg Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011, Introduction to “Kinesiology Myofascial Integration”, Tom Meyers (USA), Copenhagen, Denmark

2009, “Rosenberg Technique”, Stanley Rosenberg Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark



German – native

Danish – perfectly fluent

English – fluent

Czech – only very little